The Patriots’ Den stocks a variety of firearms from the top manufacturers, including handguns, shotguns, and rifles.  We also stock ammo, holsters, and gear for your firearms.

Patriots' Den Premium Brands

Firearms & Accessories

The Patriots’ Den sells premium brand guns, ammo, and accessories. We understand quality is important to you because it is important to us too! Stop in to look around and ask questions.


Selection of semi-automatic and revolvers in all popular calipers and brands.

Carbine Rifles

Wide selection of carbine rifles and pistols in a variety of popular calibers.


Selection of semi-automatic and revolvers in all popular calibers and brands.


Selection of shotguns in a variety of gauges and styles. Perfect for home defense or hunting.


A wide variety of popular and unique ammunition for your firearms. Some quantities are limited.


You’ll find the perfect holster for your firearm from different manufactures.

Gun Safes

Find firearm rated safes for handguns and long guns.


Stop in to take a look at our selection of knives. You will find the perfect EDC knife you will want to carry everyday, and maybe a few extras because you can.

Body Armor

We have a new line of tactical vests and body armor. We can special order specific sizes or styles for you too.

Tactical Bags

We have range bags, EDC bags, gear bags, and bug out bags.


If you are heading to the range, leave the paper plates at home. We have a wide selection of targets, both paper and steel, for your to enjoy.


We stock a variety of optics for your rifles, as well as for your handguns. Let us know if need lasers, flashlights, or red dots. Our gunsmith will install them for you too!

Gunsmith Fixes & Upgrades

Gun safety starts with a well maintained firearm. The Patriots’ Den offers gunsmith services on all major firearms. We will clean them, test them, repair them, and even upgrade parts for you.

Bring your unloaded and encased firearm into our gunsmith shop for a repair or upgrade. We will inspect your firearm before working on it and test it before giving it back to you.